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14 Alternative Names For The Toilet From The UK And Abroad

Whether you’re going to the loo, the bog, or the khazi, we’ve all got different names for the same place: the toilet. So, in honour of all the synonyms for this private place, we’ve taken a look at names for the toilet from around the world! Fancy sharing our infographic? An infographic by

August 17, 2017 Post Comment Toilets

The Many Types of Festival Toilet

Toilets are one of the most contentious issues at the UK’s music festivals. At best, you can grin and bear them, and at worst they’re simply unusable. In fact, 63% of festival goers said they wouldn’t return, purely because of the state of the loos! Or at least, that used to be the case! The […]

August 26, 2016 Post Comment Toilets

An International Guide To Bathroom Etiquette

When travelling abroad, it’s great to get a taste of different cultures which include a variety of things such as religion, food, the scenery and so much more, but have you ever spared a thought as to the huge variation of loos internationally? The answer is probably not, however when you come to think about […]

June 15, 2016 Post Comment Toilets

A Look At The World’s Strangest Toilets

Going to the toilet is usually a fairly unspectacular experience. Go in, do your thing, and come out. Here at Event Washrooms, we try to do things a little bit differently with our luxury portable toilets, and we’ve decided to scour the internet to try and find some of the wierdest and most wonderful lavatories […]

May 23, 2016 Post Comment Toilets

Spending A Penny: The Rising Cost Of Using Public Toilets

Earlier this year, being charged for using a public toilet ranked third in a survey to find Britain’s most hated stealth charges; clearly something which is grinding the gears of the nation. With this in mind here at Event Washrooms, we have taken a look at the toilets profiting from the need to empty our bladders […]

October 23, 2015 Post Comment Toilets

5 Reasons Why Women Take So Long In The Bathroom

It’s one of life’s many wonders; well if you’re a man that is. You stand and you wait… and you wait… and you’re still waiting… No, she hasn’t found a secret passage to Narnia, she’s just using the bathroom. However, it’s thought that on average, a woman takes up to three times longer than a […]

October 12, 2015 Post Comment Toilets