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The Ultimate Guide to Office Toilet Etiquette

From holding on near to the end of the day to avoid having to go for a number two at work to defying your office’s ‘no checking mobiles during work hours’ by feigning the need to use the toilet just to enjoy a quick catch up, here are the unspoken and unwritten rules of toilet […]

November 29, 2016 Post Comment Toilet Etiquette

Public Toilet Pet Peeves [Infographic]

We now often get charged a pretty hefty price to even get into the loo’s, so is it wrong to expect cleaner, fresher cubicles? Okay, so it’s only 50p some of you might say, but we’re paying to do something our bodies are naturally programmed to do – so having high standards is pretty acceptable […]

The 10 Toilet Commandments

Public toilets are a breading ground for social faux pas and embarrassing incidents. For the good of human kind, given that we specialise in the hire of luxury toilets, we have studied this perilous task and have created these 10 toilet commandments in the hope that one day everyones toilet visiting experience can be as […]