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11 Of The UK’s Best Independent Music Festivals

With so many music festivals in the UK, it can be a challenge to choose which ones to go to but here at Event Washrooms, given that one of our main offerings is festival toilets, we love smaller, independent festivals! To help you out, we’ve made a list of 11 of the UK’s best independent music […]

10 Top Tips For Surviving Festival Toilets [Infographic]

Many festival-goers cite the toilets as the most off-putting thing about attending major events both across the UK and worldwide, despite facilities improving significantly in recent years. Tens of thousands of attendees on a campsite and in a festival arena combined with fast food and booze are never going to result in anything other than […]

VIP vs Standard – Deciding Whether To Upgrade Your Festival Ticket

Summer is creeping up on the horizon which means one thing for the music industry, festival season is fast approaching! With a number of pretty amazing music festivals worldwide, you might have already booked your tickets in great anticipation months ago, or perhaps you are currently in the process of planning and researching your festival […]

Five Festival Toilet Horror Stories

If there was ever a reason to hire luxury toilets for your event, it’s reading up on just some of the many festival toilet horror stories which you won’t struggle to find online! From major festivals through to smaller events, we all know someone whose had a bad experience with a loo and we’ve scoured the […]