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The Importance of Choosing the Right Live Band for Your Wedding

Along with finding the right dress, venue, cake…and partner, choosing the right live band for your wedding is high on the list. Picking the music for your big day can be tricky though. At first a whole playlist might form in your mind. You might have known what you want your ‘first dance’ song to […]

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Summer Celebrations

There’s nothing quite like making the most of summer by holding your celebration outdoors. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or retirement party, partying the night away outdoors will make your occasion one that will be remembered and talked about for time to come. This blog is our list of top tips to add the […]

Beards Are Full of Poo?!

It might have surprised some people to see recently that toilets made the newspapers. Or rather, that beards made the news for being found to contain the same bacteria also present in the average family toilet. In the age of the antibiotic resistant ‘super bug’ though, it really shouldn’t be so shocking to see that […]

Five Festival Toilet Horror Stories

If there was ever a reason to hire luxury toilets for your event, it’s reading up on just some of the many festival toilet horror stories which you won’t struggle to find online! From major festivals through to smaller events, we all know someone whose had a bad experience with a loo and we’ve scoured the […]

Regency Toilets Is Now Event Washrooms!

Regency Toilets have had a rebrand and we’re now known as Event Washrooms! We’re still offering the same fantastic range of luxury toilets just under a new name, following our official partnership with Event Electrix, all coming under the Event Hire Group banner. Having previously provided luxury toilets for clients including Red Bull, Glastonbury Festival, […]

We Have A New Website!

Just a very quick post to welcome you to the new Regency Toilets website! We’ll keep the blog updated over the coming weeks and months and hopefully showcase a number of the great events we’ve been working on over the summer. As always, if you’re interested in hiring our luxury toilets or fancy something a […]

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